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Wild Card Wrap Up

God Hates Bengals Fans

Wild Card Round Wrap Up

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Well the Playoffs started this weekend, and while we didn’t get any irate Jim Mora sightings, we did get treated to some pretty good football, the Bucs and Skins notwithstanding. The Giants returned to form this weekend, disappointing their loyal fans come playoff time, with an utterly embarrassing 23 – 0 loss at home to the streakier than a drunken frat boy in April, Panthers. Say whatever you want, but Eli Manning looked downright confused for what little time he was on the field. He really only looked sure of himself when he was throwing off his back foot into triple coverage. But hey, it’s not all Eli’s fault; the Panthers secondary still had to catch balls thrown directly at them, rather than drop them like the Giants receivers did. At least the Giants set a few records on Sunday. It was the first time they were shutout all season long. It was also the first time a home team has been shutout in the playoffs since 1980 when the Bucs lost to the Los Angeles Rams; yeah, that’s right, a team that doesn’t even exist anymore. And then, not to be outdone, Tiki Barber’s, “we were out-coached” comment was priceless. Tiki, just one quick note: the late Mr. Mara is no longer around to look the other way for you, might want to try a slice of humble pie.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not letting the Panthers off the hook that easily. Yes, they beat the Giants at home…shellacked them even; but name me two streakier teams than Carolina and New York…okay, maybe San Diego; but name another. Honestly, no one should be surprised when the Panthers put up maybe 6 points in Chicago this weekend. But people on the North Side should be praying Grossman doesn’t break his leg for the twelfth time, because let’s face it Orton can’t throw a straight pass five yards; let alone a dart to a streaking Muhammad down the sideline.
The Bucs, also not interested in trying to get to the Super Bowl, played an awful game as well. Chris Simms had flashes of competency, but for the most part his play was overshadowed by two costly interceptions and a non-existent running game; forty-nine yards from Cadillac wasn’t going to get it done. I’ll be the bigger man and forgo all of the, “Cadillac stalls/runs on empty” clichés, but let’s just say he sucked. Watching that game I was never more sure of two teams that had no business being in the playoffs; I would’ve rather sat through “Tristan and Isolde.” The only curious thing is how a receiver can catch a ball in the end zone, fall down, roll over and then drop the ball and have it called an incomplete pass. That game was just awful; neither offense showed up and the Redskins snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.
Maybe if we’re lucky the refs will decide the rest of the playoffs too and if Tagliabue has his way, we’ll see the Pats beat the Colts on some bogus pass interference call as Vrabel muffs a pass in the end zone and the Bears somehow beat the Seahawks while having no offense at all. Seriously, the Redskins have no shot in Seattle if they play the way they did this weekend. I’m pretty sure the only way the Skins will have a chance to win that game is if Shaun Alexander forgets how to get to the stadium.
The Jags looked great this weekend; really, really great. Right up until the got on the field. Hey Jack Del Rio, I understand Leftwich is your star, but he's also hobbling around on one leg. Think maybe it would've been smarter to at least take a took at David Garrad? Tom Brady did what he always does in the Playoffs, win and made it look pretty easy too. If I'm the Jags, I'm going to do whatever it takes to surround Byron with some actual offensive weapons so my defense doesn't have to hold teams, while my non-existent offense plays catch up all game long.
Random Observations:
If you were Tom Brady and already had three Super Bowl rings, how mad would you really be if you got knocked out of the Playoffs, but got to go home and spend time with Bridget Moynahan? Do you think Joe Gibbs thinks he deserves to still be in the Playoffs?
Next Week:
Just a guess, but it’s probably going to take more than seven offensive points to beat the Seahawks.
Are the Panthers really going to go on the road twice and beat another good team? I bet you Kyle Orton hopes so.


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