Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Week 12 Wrap Up

Mariucci Fired, Capers Still Employed?

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Week 12 Wrap Up

The games this weekend were great and didn’t disappoint, unless of course you were a fan of the Giants, Bills, Cowboys, Texans or Raiders. All of those teams had a chance to win and found a way to blow it.
The Giants inexplicable loss to the Seahawks capped an interesting day of football. While I was watching it, I kept thinking, “hey Dick Stockton, wanna mask your hatred of the Giants any less?” I’m pretty sure the sun was still out on the west coast when Dickie was already calling the game for Seattle.
Earlier that day, someone should have mentioned to Tom Brady that completing passes to the other team doesn’t help your QB rating. Tom had four picks on the day and in the oddest move of the day tried to go for 2 down 26 – 16. Okay Tommy, real simple. Score 2, kick onside, recover, drive down the field against a defense you haven’t been able to score against, and then score 2 again, just to force overtime. Yeah, real simple. The Pats are lucky they’re in the MASH Unit Division because in any other division 6 – 5 wouldn’t even get them a sniff of the Wild Card.
The Colts are scary good; it took them all of what, 6 seconds to score against the Steelers last night? I’m not going to say the big U, but I honestly don’t know if they can be stopped.
I know I shouldn’t pick on the Panthers, but they make it so easy. It took them, what, 6 tries to get in the end zone from 5 yards out in Buffalo? I don’t even know how they got another set of downs inside the 10, but c’mon. If they don’t get bounced in the first round of the playoffs I’ll eat my socks.
When you really think about it though, the NFL this season doesn’t make any sense. How does Oakland beat the Redskins in Washington then lose to Miami at home, while the Chargers destroy the Bills, then need OT to beat Washington? What gives?
What goes through Matt Millen’s head when he decides to fire Steve Mariucci? Dude, Matt. You drafted the same guy three years in a row. Maybe instead of firing your head coach you could not draft injury prone, bong toking wide receivers.
Just when you thought you were done with the T.O. Saga, Jerry Jones has to go and open his mouth. I mean, the Eagles must really be hard up for draft picks. When asked about T.O., Jerry said he’s taken chances before and would love to have a guy like T.O. on his team. So what do the Eagles do, they complain to the league accusing Jerry of tampering. But honestly, why complain when you’ve made it clear you don’t want the guy there in the first place? If anything, the league should give Philly’s pick to Dallas for making us have to hear about T.O. for another week.

Random Observations:
Trent Green on playing in the rain: “I’ve got big hands, slick balls don’t bother me.” C’mon Trent, just because someone sticks a mike in front of you doesn’t mean you have to say something.
J.P. Losman, Best Buffalo Bills quarterback ever…EVER!! QB rating of 62.0. Awesome!
Michael Irvin saying that the “drug paraphernalia” found in his car belonged to a friend? No word on whether Troy & Emmitt were in the area.
Who misses 3 field goals with a chance to win the game? That Giant loss was tougher to swallow than a handful of nails.
As long as Matt Millen is in the firing mood, he should axe himself.
The Indianapolis Colts are the Truth.

Next Week:
The Saints are playing games in more cities than the Expos did two years ago. Sad thing is, people paid to see the Expos.
Bills at Dolphins? Thank god for the remote. I hear the Dolphins left a hookah next to the goal post for Ricky. How else do you explain 82 yards rushing with a TD?
Giants look to right their ship, but in typical Giant fashion will probably crumble.
DMc will be watching his mates get schooled by the Seahawks with his mama…eat your Chunky Soup baby!


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