Friday, February 10, 2006

Week 6 Wrap Up

Vikings Accused of Lewd Behavior on Boats
Week 6 Wrap Up

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Did anyone happen to catch that Seahawks – Texans game on Sunday night? Wow, Dom (Mike) Capers looked genuinely confused; either that or the owners are keeping him heavily sedated so he forgets just how terrible his team is and doesn’t quit. The Texans have a chance to do something really special and go 0 – 16. A quick look at their schedule only has one possible lock (Week 17 against the 49ers and c’mon, even they’ve won a game). I would suggest they start playing college teams, but I’m pretty sure USC, Texas, Notre Dame & Virginia Tech could all beat the Texans by 32.
The Bills – Jets game was about as interesting as watching latex paint dry…you’re not really sure what’s actually happening, and when it’s over you end up looking like the RCA dog a/k/a Dom Capers. Vinny was sacked 5 times for 35 yards…he lost more yards than Ricky Williams and Daunte Culpepper gained, combined! I’m thinking the Jets should start resting him six-to-nine months between starts.
Thank you, Mike Tice for opening your mouth and guaranteeing your team would win on Sunday. I know it would’ve been nice to get a win and forget about the Love Boat, but just saying it isn’t going to make it happen; I mean you were playing the Bears, not the Texans.
Okay, a quick quiz. The Love Boat makes the Dallas Cowboys White House look like:
A) A trip to Epcot Centre
B) A normal weekend for Robert Downey Jr. & Mickey Rourke
C) Finally, something to take the pressure off of my scalping those Super Bowl tickets!

Next Week:
The Colts had a tough one this week against Washington University, but they should bounce back nicely on the road at UTEP.
With the bye week, Jake Delhomme gets to think about how he threw almost as many TD’s to the Lions in one game as Joey Harrington has thrown to them all season.
If my equation is correct, after giving up 27 to the Bucs the Dolphins should surrender 108 points to the Chiefs


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