Friday, February 10, 2006

Week 5 Wrap Up

Season Makes No Sense, Writers Baffled

If you had told me at the start of the season that the Bengal’s would be 3-1, the Colts 5-0 & the Vikings would be 1-3, I would have asked what brand of glue you were sniffing, Secretariat or Funny Cide…Honestly, Mike Tice might be the single worst coach in NFL history. In a few short seasons, he’s taken Denny Green’s talented perennial playoff contender and turned them into the joke of the NFC North.
Anyone remember former Colt’s Coach Jim “Playoffs?!?!?!!?” Mora? Boy, they just don’t make train wreck coaches like they used to. Oh wait, yes they do; Mike Martz, Mike Tice, Mike Holmgren, Mike Sherman, and Mike Mularkey* are all awful. In fact, Dom Capers & Brian Billick should both change their names to Mike, just for the symmetry. The hospitalization of Mike Martz could prove to be the catalyst for the Rams winning the NFC West. I’m totally serious, think about it. Without him who will decide to run on 4th & 26? Without him, who will attempt a fake punt on their own 5 yard line?
So how is this week shaping up?
The Colts had a tough tune up against Stanford last week, but I think they should be able to beat Washington University…do they even have a football team?
The Saints are 1-0 in San Antonio, then again at this point in the season the Knicks and Hornets are both undefeated.
I’m wondering how many more weeks it’s going to take Lions fans before they start hoping Joey Harrington tears his rotator cuff…or at least stops referring to himself as: Joey.

* I played high school football at a prep school and could’ve told you that starting J.P. Losman at QB was a terrible idea. I mean, the guy practically has “Lose” in his name.


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