Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Week 11 Wrap Up

Colts Defense Forgets to Fly with
Team to Cincinnati

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Week 11 Wrap Up

No one can really blame you if you missed any of this weekend’s great performances, except me…they were awesome, where were you?!? Didn’t think the Giants could play any worse against the Eagles than they did against the Vikings? Then you must’ve missed the first half of this week’s game. I was honestly so painfully bored watching the first half, I figured as long as I was subjecting myself to torture I’d On-Demand an episode of Ghost Whisperer.
Maybe I was too hasty in saying I thought J.P. Losman had sold his soul to the devil. Obviously, his performance against the Chargers on Sunday was a definite indication the devil gave it back.
Although, if anyone has sold his soul to the devil its Jake Plummer. There is no other reasonable explanation for the way he’s playing this season, except of course, maybe it’s actually not him. If you watch carefully you’ll see Phil Simms doesn’t talk when “Jake” drops back to pass.
I watched the Steelers reel for about 58 minutes against the Ravens, Sunday before briefly getting their act together; before finally losing in OT. When it was over, and Ray Lewis was stabbing a clear path for Matt Stover to walk off the field; all I could think was that if the game proved anything it’s that former XFL MVP Tommy Maddox should never be allowed to touch a football again…ever.
I think I blacked out during the Denver – Seaton Hall game, it was just that terrible. Like eating fish that’s not quite rotten enough to make you sick but leaves you feeling awful…a little like the Jets whole season. Herman Edwards might be the only coach this year to go 3 – 13, get to keep his job & leave anyway. Anyone who believes Herm when he says he’s staying or Woody when he says Herm’s job is secure, raise your hand…yeah, that’s what I thought. Hey Jets, seeing as the Broncos dropped 27 on you and shut you out for the first time in 10 years, I’d say it’s time to buy your tickets for the Reggie Bush Sweepstakes.
This is the only ink I will be giving the Vikings – Packers game.
Remember what I wrote about the Panthers 3 weeks ago? Somehow, I told you so just doesn’t quite cut it. Yes, the Bears have a good defense but what happened to all those people talking about “Steve Smith, “best receiver ever!” and “Steve Smith for MVP!” What happened was a good defense exposed a one dimensional team with a fast, but undersized wide receiver and not a single other talented offensive player. Think I’m wrong? Kobe dropped 43 on the Bulls two nights ago in a loss.

Random Observations:
Is it just me or do Kyle Orton and Kyle Boller both stink out loud? Hey Boller, I’m pretty sure Gary Sheffield could air one out through a goal post from 70 yards away, but you don’t see the Jets signing him. At least not yet anyway.
Not sure if the Atlanta – Tampa Bay game proved how bad the Falcons are or how good Tampa is. Tampa had a lead, blew it came back tied the score, should have lost and won anyway.
The Jets have been penalized somewhere in the neighborhood of about 50 times this season. I’m pretty sure Ty Law is personally responsible for about 30.
C’mon Coors Light, it’s almost Thanksgiving. Fire your ad agency already, please.
The 10 – 0 Colts only forced one punt against the Bengals, what’s that say about their defense come playoff time?

Next Week:
I’d rather sit through Brokeback Mountain than watch the Rams – Texans, Raiders – Dolphins, or Eagles – Packers games.
On second thought, a Randy Moss – Ricky Williams match up should be good for something…they just might hotbox all of Oakland.
If the Panthers can’t beat the Bills this weekend, I smell a first round exit.
If he knew what was good for him, Brian Billick would quit right now. Actually so would Mike Sherman.


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