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Week 9 Wrap Up

Wisconsin Seismologists Confirms, Curly Lambeau Spinning in Grave

Week 9 Wrap Up

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

For the first time in weeks, we actually had some good football on television on Sunday…excluding the Lions – Vikings and the Browns – Titans games. The Packers were probably hoping they’d get a crack at Tommy Maddox, but Bill Cower knows better than to touch a hot stove twice and left Tommy where he belongs; on the bench.
The Jets found new and inventive ways to disappoint their fans, this time blowing four chances to get into the end zone down by five. T.O. had an interesting week. He called out Donovan, then said he thought they’d be better off having Bret Favre and his 14 interceptions instead of DMc, was then made to apologize or be suspended like the Eagles were his momma, got into a fight with Hugh Douglas in the locker room, apologized, and then got suspended anyway. Then DMc comes out and says, “we’re probably better off without him, we played as a team.” Yeah Donovan, you lost as a team too. And from the looks of the offense, it’s possible that Mama McNabb was calling the plays. This is definitely a week where Donovan should’ve eaten his Chunky Soup.
Rather than wasting a lot of ink on Joey Harrington I’ll just say, he proved once again, there’s still no reason to have faith in him. I mean c’mon man; you were playing the Vikings secondary.
The Panthers made a statement beating the reeling Bucs in Tampa this weekend, but after the game their cheerleaders were making quite a different statement in the bathroom at Banana Joe’s. For the record, nothing good can come of entering a place called Banana Joe’s. Come to think of it, nothing good can come from assaulting a bar patron or giving a false name to a police officer either. No confirmation, as yet, if Smoot Dogg was nearby while this was going on, but earlier reports indicate he’s more of a water sports kind of guy and I’m not sure if a women’s bathroom at a Tampa bar would qualify.
The Saints lost another one in the final moments, but they probably wouldn’t have benefited from having Tom “Bayou Fist” Benson doing the Boogie on the sidelines. Hey Tom, maybe instead of beating up cameramen and telling your fans they’re, “a bunch of female cats” you should just sell the team and let them keep what little dignity they have left. Or you could sneak them out of town like Art Modell, whatever works for you…

More Random Observations:
Thank you Dennis Quaid for freaking out before the opening kickoff…you’re making it too easy. That aside, I’m not sure who was trying to keep the Pats in the game more; the refs or the Colts secondary.
Cody Pickett taking a knee just before halftime is indicative of the 49ers entire season and mentality. When the best thing an announcer can say about a member of your team is, “boy, is he acrobatic!” it’s a sad state of affairs. I mean, c’mon, your quarterback is a Rodeo Cowboy…a Rodeo Cowboy!
You almost had me fooled; I didn’t see the Coors Light Train until the 3rd quarter Monday night, when I’m sure the last thing on Pats fans minds was a frosty brew, on their way to a 19 – point smack down.

Next Week:
The Lions and Cardinals battle for irrelevancy in Detroit. Who will start? Who will win? Who cares.
Considering the Jets essentially nailed the coffin shut from the inside against the Chargers, they might actually have a shot at beating the Panthers.
Soon to be former Eagle, T.O. gets to watch his mates lose again without him, to Dallas…again.
The Bucs won’t really lose four in a row, will they?


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