Friday, February 10, 2006

Week 8 Wrap Up

Cal State Northridge beats Tampa Bay

Week 8 Wrap Up

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Those pesky Matadors from Cal State eked out a victory over the heavily favored Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday in a game that saw Chris Simms do daddy proud by dressing up like a football player for Halloween. And then in an inexplicable turn of events the Houston Texans a/k/a the Rice University Fighting Owls actually won a game and completely screwed up the entire opening of this week’s piece. The Browns outplayed the Texans but they’re learning that relying on Trent Dilfer is a lot like smoking a cigarette, dressed in cheap polyester, while filling your gas tank; sooner or later… Now that they have their first victory I predict the Texans can do anything…except win the AFC South, protect David Carr or be competitive.
The ugly football games continued Sunday when things went from bad to worse for the Vikings (didn’t think it was possible did you?) against the Panthers. Mike Tice, with the understatement of the season said that the possible loss of Daunte Culpepper would be, “devastating to our football team.” Actually Mike, I think Sweet Smoot’s Pleasure Cruise was devastating to your football team, losing your Pro Bowl quarterback when your team is already 2 – 4 just sucks.
By the way, anyone able to figure these Panthers out? Are they for real or not? They squeak by terrible Green Bay and just as awful Arizona by a combined 8 points, lose to the Dolphins and Saints and then shell the hapless Vikings. I mean, they could’ve just as easily have beaten the Raleigh-Durham Triangle Junior Pee Wee Pop Warner Football Club.
I wasn’t picking the Redskins to beat the Giants after the passing of Wellington Mara, but it might’ve been a little less ugly if LaVar was on the field. The Boneheaded Coaching Move of the Week Award will continue to go to Joe Gibbs until he starts playing his best defensive player.
Anyone happen to catch the signs people were holding at the Saints – Dolphins game? “Keep the Saints in New Orleans” & “We Love Our Saints.” Yeah, love them so much LSU didn’t even bother to repaint the field before the game…see you guys in Los Angeles next year.

Random Observations:
Anyone catch Jay Feeley getting love in that United Way commercial? A kicker? Wow, this is head and shoulders above the Akers cameo in the NFL House.
Hey NFL & Coors Light. You guys know its November, right? You think maybe it’s time to pull those ads where the Coors Light Train comes and cools off Foxboro? Unless you’re going to tweak it so the train turns into a giant space heater, send that commercial the way of the Budweiser frogs, my respect for Dom Capers & the Viking’s dignity.
Kelly Holcomb isn’t only a terrible quarterback, I mean c’mon the Browns gave up on this guy; he’s also the ugliest QB in the NFL.
Mike Tice & Mike Martz should both have their resumes on Hotjobs & Monster…if they don’t already.

Next Week:
- The Giants ride high into San Francisco, praying they’re not heavy favorites like Tampa was. The same thing can’t happen two weeks in a row, right? Right?
- The Lions – Vikings game will have lower ratings than game 4 of the World Series…seriously, anyone know who won?
- The Bengals get another chance to be a huge let down going on the road to Baltimore.
- The Jets try their best Vikings impression at home against the Chargers…the losing part, not the other part.
- Saints owner Tom Benson gets another whack at that cameraman against the Bears.


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