Friday, February 10, 2006

Week 7 Wrap Up

Vinny & the Jets Don’t Fail to Disappoint

Week 7 Wrap up

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Well, the Houston Texans continued their march toward ignominy this weekend. Six losses down, ten to go. David Carr called being sacked by the Colts five times for 42 yards “embarrassing” Really? Obviously, David hasn’t seen his spread in this months GQ…pages away from the very manly Orlando Bloom.
Also competing for the title of Worst Team Ever are the 49ers who got shellacked by the Redskins on Sunday. This one was close right up until the opening kickoff. You think Tim Rattay is still upset he got handed a one way ticket out of town to become Chris Simms’ backup? Although The Boneheaded Coaching Move of the Week Award goes to Joe Gibbs for starting LaVar Arrington against San Fran. Hey Joe, want to know why Priest Holmes ran all over you last week? Because LaVar was sitting on his duff collecting a paycheck. At this point in the Season, the Texans & 49ers aren’t even good enough to contend for the Big 12 & Pac 10 titles.
On short notice, the Chefs from KC served up some pan seared barbeque Mahi Mahi on Friday night in Miami; with Ricky Williams looking twice as bad as he did last Sunday. I know he’s a little rusty and I’m sure a football is harder to grip than a bong, but c’mon Ricky, c’mon…
Watching the Vikings – Packers game, the way their announcers were freaking out, I really thought the Vikings had won the Super Bowl or knocked off the ‘72 Dolphins; Culpepper crying on the sidelines and Tice getting choked up during his press conference? I mean, I’d like to remind these guys they beat the shell of a great team with a QB in the quarter to midnight of his career, a suspect defense and a running back that spent the 4th Quarter on the trainers table with a torn thigh tendon, but I’m afraid they’d bring up Sweet Smoot’s Pleasure Cruise just to make me feel bad.
If Vinny doesn’t serve up three turnovers with a side of touchdown last night the Jets win 17 – 10.

Next Week:
- Since I know Mike Tice isn’t above doing this, I suggest he pay the Colts to play in Viking uniforms against the Panthers…Minnesota could use the bye more.
- Oakland is 0 – 2 on the road and the Titans are 1 – 2 at home…something’s got to give. Or more likely, Randy Moss will have another phantom injury that keeps him from practicing and then allows him to average 14.3 yards per catch with a TD.
- David Carr tries to bounce back after being sacked two less times than the number of passes he completed with a game against the Browns…yeah, because Romeo Crennel isn’t a defensive specialist or anything.
- The Saints, “Let’s see how we can get screwed out of a win this week” tour continues in Baton Rouge.
- With Martz barred from coaching for the rest of the season, can the Rams be stopped?

(Side Note)
What the hell is wrong with FOX? Honestly, what are they thinking? Jillian Barberie’s segment, “Who’s the Sexiest Man in the NFL?” Are they serious? I saw this when looking at the Power Rankings for weeks 6 & 7 and thought it was a joke. Jillian Barberie doesn’t make me any more interested in the NFL than Pamela Anderson does in reading. See if you can follow the following If – Then equation:
x = # of men who watch the “NFL on FOX”
y = # of men still even remotely interested in Jillian Barberie
If x is greater than y, then how much did FOX’s ratings share drop for the minute Jillian was on screen?
Answer next week.


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