Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Week 10 Wrap Up

T.O. to Eagles, I Told You So…

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Week 10 Wrap Up

Pathetic football performances reigned supreme on Sunday so much so that I don’t even know where to begin. The easy way out would be to pretend the Giants and Jets didn’t even play. I’m not sure whose 4 interception performance was worse, Elijah Manning’s or Brooks Bollinger’s; although seeing as Brooks couldn’t even muster 100 passing yards, I’ll have to go with him. The Giants handed the Vikings 21 points on special teams miscues and turnovers, while the Jets gave up 20 points in the 4th quarter…simply stunning.
Joey Harrington proved he sucked a little less beating the Cardinals in Detroit. But c’mon, he beat the Cardinals and only did it by 8.
Things didn’t stop there though, something disturbing was happening around 4:10, p.m. in Buffalo. A ‘do rag sproting J.P. Losman was leading the Bills to a victory over the Chiefs. Just because the Bills won doesn’t mean I can’t make fun of them. Anyone out there think that J.P. Losman’s passer rating of 124.2 isn’t an indication he has sold his soul? Seriously…And what’s up with the ‘do rag? J.P., dog, let it go. Leave the ‘do rag sporting to the likes of Ray Lewis and Romo.
Speaking of felons, we’re half way through the season and a member of the Ravens has yet to be arrested or suspended for substance abuse; what’s up with that?
I honestly don’t know how the Colts, having scored 40 against the Patriots, didn’t drop at least triple digits on Rice, Sunday. I was really hoping we’d get to see Jim Sorgi by the 3rd quarter.
For a guy who’s not even allowed near a football field, we sure got a lot of T.O. this week; although he did look a little awkward not doing sit ups in his driveway. And someone should tell Drew Rosenhaus that if you’re going to call a press conference you can’t respond to every question with, “I’m not answering that, next question.”
Anyone else catch the U. Chicago – Cal State game? Yeah, me neither. Seriously though, Cody Pickett was 1 – 13 for 28 yards, wow! You’ve got to try really hard to complete only one pass, that’s just plain awful. This game was tougher to sit through than an episode of “Wife Swap,” just not as funny.
Boneheaded Coaching Move of the Week Award goes to…Dick Vermeil. Dude, your offense put up 3 points and you lost to the Bills!

Random Observations:
The Jets fell harder than that security guard who bit it during the Buffalo-KC game.
I didn’t hear any smack talking from Mike Vick this week. What’s up Mike? Light up the Dolphins for a whopping 230 yards, and all of a sudden you’re the second coming of Steve Young? I’d say you looked distinctly like Ryan Leaf on Sunday against Green Bay.
I’m surprised Smoot Dogg hasn’t demanded a trade to Carolina yet.
The Steelers won, relying on Charlie Batch until he broke his hand and even then, Bill Cower didn’t let Tommy Maddox throw the ball.
I think the Ravens are better suited running Philadelphia’s “jailbreak defense” than the Eagles are; as evidenced by their total 4th quarter collapse last night.
Cody Pickett had a passer rating of 7.5 on Sunday. Did you catch that? Seven point Five…wow!

Next Week:
The Los Angeles Saints of San Antonio are on the road in Foxboro. This one will be over before the Saints get off the plane at Logan.
Not sure who has an easier second half schedule: the Panthers, Jaguars or Patriots.
Instead of watching Dolphins – Browns game, I think I’ll ask Jeeves how much the writers on “Laguna Beach” make.
They’re not really going to subject us to 3 hours of Packers – Vikings football next Monday, are they?


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