Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Week 17 Wrap Up

Among Stolen Items, Clarett
Forgets Dignity

Week 17 Wrap Up

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

This Monday was awful for guys named Mike. Tice did some pretty amazing things in order to right the Vikings ship, but it’s pretty tough to redeem yourself after scalping Super Bowl tickets and allowing Smoot Dogg to plan a ride on the Caligula II.
The Jets finished on a high note, with a win over another crappy team, but will have plenty of reasons to be depressed again if Kansas City steals Herman Edwards from them.
Speaking of bad teams and recently jobless coaches, Jim Haslett should honestly be the happiest guy without a job. You get asked to leave, get a few million bucks and don’t have to be stuck in an awful situation. Isn’t that everyone’s dream?
The Giants managed to get a victory in Oakland on Saturday and sew up the NFC East in the process. But that game revealed that if he’d gotten more red zone touches this season, Tiki Barber could’ve seriously challenged Shaun Alexander and Peyton Manning for NFL MVP.
I’ll be very surprised if Donahoe and Mularkey both have jobs in Buffalo next season. But it makes you wonder, with a mediocre hockey team, and nothing else up there, do people in Buffalo just cry all winter long?
Congratulations to Maurice Clarett; after holding up two people in the same city in which you played on a National Championship team, now you’re ready for a try out with the Dallas Cowboys.
So Saints QB Todd Bouman went to St. Cloud State, right? I wonder if that’s in Minnesota or near Kissimmee St. Cloud. If it’s the latter, does that mean he took the Monorail to class every day or Basket Weaving 101 at Epcot Center?
Drew Brees couldn’t have asked for a worse New Year’s, tearing his labrum; an injury that will require surgery. So the already clueless Chargers are now left with an unproven first rounder in Rivers and a possible Chad Pennington. And with all that talent, the Chargers still couldn’t get their 10th victory. Schottenheimer might be the worst coach able to keep his job this season; Mularkey and Mora not withstanding.
And hey Pennington, what are you thinking telling whomever the Jets draft to, “pack a lunch, because it’s going to be a long day”? At this point in the season, I think Jets fans would’ve rather had Kyle Boller. Yeah, he’s the worst QB in the NFL, but at least he stays healthy. Might be time to join a slow pitch softball league and call it a day.

Random Observations:
Drop kick, or no drop kick. Dude, Flutie, it was an extra point. Stop flipping out like you just beat The U.
Don’t you think if the Jets lose Edwards, getting the Chiefs first round draft pick would ease the pain a little bit?
I don’t think I saw Bizarro Sheen blink once while the cameras were on him.
Tice got pretty choked up during his press conference, but I’m sure he Vermeil style bawled when he left.
Speaking of which, Dickie held it together pretty well. I was fully expecting him to have a complete breakdown right there on the field.

Next Week:
The Giants could put four people on Steve Smith and Jake Delhomme would still try to throw to him.
I wonder how mad people in Cincinnati will be when they lose to Pittsburgh and realize that everything started to go downhill with Chad Johnson’s predictions from a month ago.
The Jags need to hope Brady forgets how to get to Foxboro, because that’s they only way they’ll have a shot at winning.
The Redskins run has been nice and all, and will probably convince overrated Gibbs to stick around a little while longer, but their run ends Saturday.


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