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Week 15 Wrap Up

Aaron Brooks Blames Benching on
Act of God

Week 15 Wrap Up

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Right around the time the officials were deciding who should win the Colts – Chargers game, stealing immortality from them in the process; the Redskins were getting ready to take on Texas A&M. You can’t deny Drew Bledsoe turned in a distinctly AMish performance getting sacked 7 times and tossing 3 interceptions.
I thought it was getting close to the time when Reggie Bush could write 713 on his eye-black instead of 619 for the Rose Bowl, but then Houston has to go and beat Arizona. I mean, their fans had to be confident they could’ve blown their 4th straight game after having a lead at the end of the first half or in the 4th quarter…I mean, I was.
Speaking of the Rose Bowl, the Falcons got smacked harder than Matt Leinart did at Marquis last Saturday night.
A small side note for Tom Brady and the Patriots: Beating the Dolphins, Saints, Jets, Bills and Bucs is not a sign that you’re a Super Bowl threat. It's a sign that on most Sundays an great quarterback (Tom Brady) will beat a bad quarterback (Frerotte, Brooks, Bollinger, Losman and Simms) just about every time they play.
Jim Haslett must’ve been taking Ricky sized hits when he benched Aaron Brooks in favor of Todd Bouman. Sure, Brooks said some pretty stupid things, but he’s a natural athlete and gave them a much better chance to beat the Panthers at home than St. Cloud Todd and his 4 picks. And asking for a 5 year extension? Dude, Haslett, your team has no city, your owner is obviously nuts and Rich Kotite wouldn’t even take that job…what are you thinking?
I’m pretty sure Jim Mora Jr. tried to slap that ref on Sunday night. Now that his team is looking more Losmantastic every week, he might as well keep us entertained. I’m praying that in the next two weeks he has a, “Playoffs?!!?!” Style post-game breakdown like his dad.
Question for Marty Schottenheimer. How are you only 9 – 5 with the best running back and tight end in the NFL, a good QB and a half decent defense (that with a few people looking the other way on some pass interference calls looked amazing against the Colts)? Seriously, how?
You could almost see the wheels turning for Kyle Orton, watching Rex Grossman play, thinking of a Kerrigan/Harding style mishap.
It’s amazing all Nick Saban had to say to get the Dolphins to play well, was that this season didn’t matter. Maybe next year if he says he hopes they lose every game, they’ll win the Super Bowl. If I were the Pats, I’d be seriously worried about next year.

Random Observations:
Bret Farve looked more depressed after yesterday’s game than those people coming out of the advanced screening of Steven Spielberg’s Munich.
How do you think Bills fans feel knowing that if Mularkey had sat The Tulane Terror a/k/a J.P. Losman sooner, they might not be 4 – 10.
I’m glad I’m not the one to tell him to do it, but Bret should seriously think about retirement, or at the very least demanding receivers who know how to run routes.
I guess Billick got Kyle Boller in to see that sports psychiatrist. Either that or he benefited from playing at home against a horrible secondary.

Next Week:
Unless they want the Jets to have a shot at Reggie Bush, the Pats would be wise to leave Tom Brady on the bench.
Bears – Packers, Vikings – Ravens on Christmas Day? That’s JC’s birthday present? Two snoozefests?
I might never stop laughing if the Texans upset the Jags this Saturday.


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