Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Divisional Round Wrap Up

Mularkey Resigns, City of Buffalo Rejoices

Divisional Round Wrap Up

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The great officiating continued this weekend, with some downright awful calls and lots of upset players, even more upset fans and a couple of classless jerks who trashed an officials house. Like that guy in Pittsburgh who claimed he had a heart attack when Bettis fumbled that ball. Speaking of heart attacks, watching the Colts lose was probably my most painful moment of 2006. And rather than re-live any of that horrible game again, I’ll just gloss over it like it didn’t happen.
I will say that Big Ben was a stud in that game and a quick word to Giants fans: You could’ve had Ben Roethlisberger. Wait; let me say that one more time, you could’ve had Ben Roethlisberger. One more thing, what was Eli’s passer rating last weekend again? Oh yeah, that’s right; 35.0. Putting up some pretty Losmantastic numbers there, Elijah; keep it up.
There was more Losmantacular action in Seattle, and c’mon Joe Gibbs, c’mon. Okay, your defense made the explosive Seattle offense look about as good as a Lamborghini with a Pinto engine; but, your offense still has to show up. You can’t just expect to inexplicably knock Shaun Alexander out of the game, score ten points and think you’ll beat the Seahawks, in Seattle. Speaking of which, Shaun didn’t you have a concussion? How is it that you were jumping up and down on the sidelines? I mean, I’m not doctor (no matter what kinds of games I used to play in Second Grade), but I thought that the signs of a concussion were loss of balance, nausea and sometimes memory loss. I’d like to think the Seahawks had so little respect for the Redskins a/k/a the American University fighting Eagles, that before the game Holmgren came up to Alexander and said, “okay Shaun, I want to see your best concussion impression…wow, that’s perfect! How’d you like to sit this one out so you’re fresh for the Conference Championship?”
The Bears put up a valiant effort against the Panthers, but for all my shit talking the Panthers have been there before and know how to handle themselves. But hey, the Bears weren’t the only team to take a first round bye plus home field advantage and treat it the way Marcus Vick treats his future. Grossman was adequate, but being adequate won’t get in done in the Playoffss when the guy you’re playing against almost beat the nearly invincible Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. Lovie Smith still deserves his coach of the year award, but man John Fox out-coached somebody for the second straight week…wow. If I were Holmgren, I’d be just a little afraid that in two straight weeks, Fox’s made very good coaches look amateur. Now the Panthers are rewarded with a trip to Seattle to play at hostile Qwest Field…that doesn’t even sound right, does it?
Speaking of, “nearly invincible,” perhaps the sweetest moment of the Pats – Broncos game came when Champ Bailey picked off Tom Brady deep in the end zone and ran the ball back 100 yards, only to be flattened by Ben Watson at the one. It’s amazing that with about five different camera angles we still couldn’t definitively tell where the hell the ball went, and hats off to the refs for going with the call on the field. And trust me; I’m not just saying that because I hate the Patriots more than a five year old hates Brussels sprouts. Anyone else think it’s funny that the Patriots dynasty started and ended on heavily reviewed and contested plays.
Random Observations:
Gotta like Peyton Manning sticking to the Tiki Barber theme of putting the blaming on anyone but himself, throwing his entire offensive line under the bus.
Kinda sad that Jets fans would rather have an unproven 34 year old coach their team than Mike Tice.
Every Colts fan should’ve known something fishy was going to happen when the Steelers beat the Bengals. Weird things start happening to guys at the end of their careers, especially when those guys have chances to win championships…in the city of their birth no less.
Can’t you picture Matt Leinart playing in San Antonio? I’m laughing my ass off as I write this. Ten times better than picturing him in Nawlins.
Next Week:
I’d like to think the Broncos can beat the Steelers, but considering the Steelers knocked Carson Palmer out of a game and made Peyton Manning look like Eli, I don’t have much hope for Jake Plummer.


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