Monday, July 17, 2006

Migraine Wrap Up

Bonds & Grimsley to Guest Star on Episode of Canseco, P.I.

Migraine Wrap Up

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the TMQB went on a bit of a hiatus, this past week but never fear I've got plenty of material stashed away and am ready to go.
The sands of time have fallen through the hour glass on another day and Barbaro is still resting comfortably in his hospital sling in Pennsylvania rather than being shipped off to Jimmy Dean's farm, the Elmers factory and a McDonald's near you. Americas' favorite horse, for about another six weeks, took a turn for the worse when he began to suffer from Horsy Malaise; which is fatal if not treated with an aggressive cycle of oats and hay. Now before everyone gets all bent out of shape just remember you can't cheer at a horse race and then be shocked and saddened when a 2,000 pound animal injures one of the tiny bones that it uses to support itself.
Another 2,000 pound animal that seems to be felled by minor injuries every other day is the soon to be indicted Bonds, Barry Bonds; who will probably continue to maintain his innocence long after he's retired and has been mistaken for the Bratwurst while taking in a Brewers game. This whole Bonds situation reminds me of watching an Alyssa Milano movie on Cinemax. You know she's going to get naked at some point, but you don't really have to pay attention for the first hour; you can go get a slice of pizza or check your e-mail while the movie stays on in the background. Just be sure you’re back in front of the TV when the goods finally come out.
Granted, this is one of those things that people don't really care about and it's become such a farce that Jose Canseco has offered to do some investigative work for George Mitchell, which is too ridiculous for words. Honestly, I think Canseco is taking himself a little too seriously. Great, you were right about steroids in Major League Baseball, but can’t you do everyone a favor and fade into obscurity like Haley Joel Osmet?

Random Observations:
Anyone remember some guy named Carl Pavano? I seem to remember the Yankees holding about $44 Million over a toilet, but I can't remember whether or not Brian Cashman actually dropped it in.
Your guess as to what Barry Bonds would be doing in Wisconsin after he's retired is as good as mine...

Back to my old tricks, complete with questioning Bud Selig’s manhood, the surprising base-stealing Barry, and yet another soon to be burger meat update.


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