Tuesday, June 06, 2006

NBA Finals Preview

Scientists Baffled by Rubber Disk that Bounces on Ice in June

NBA Finals Preview

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Even more disappointing than the season finale of the Sopranos was the play of the Yankees this weekend. I was positive nothing said “get ready to be swept by the Red Sox” like eking out two 6 – 5 victories and then getting spanked by the Orioles 11 - 4. Kyle Farnsworth is pitching so terribly that I actually had two Yankee fans come up to me at the bar Friday night and tell me they missed Tom Gordon. Typo? Nope, they actually believe having “Flash” on the team would be better than Farnsworth! That's like saying you'd rather have Ozzie Canseco than Billy Hatcher roaming your outfield; it doesn’t really matter you’re pretty much screwed either way. In all fairness though, the Yankees have lost more men than the members of Easy Company so it was nice to see them lay a bakers dozen on Beantown.
The most talked about, if not thrilling, series of the NBA playoffs ended with “Dirty” Dirk and the Mavs overcoming an 18 - point deficit at the hands of the Suns to make it to the Finals against the Heat, who no one is giving a shot. I actually like this matchup for Miami, considering the way to kill Dallas is to do just what Miami did against Detroit; rain threes forcing the slower less athletic defenders to pull back and then pound the ball inside to Shaq & Alonzo. Phoenix did this in game 1 and game 4, but I’m sure it was tough for Steve Nash and Shawn Marion to stick to a game plan when they kept picturing their coach with Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy.
The NHL Finals started last night; two teams from tiny, depressing cities playing a game involving ice skates in June…doesn’t make sense to me either. The Edmonton Oilers, who I incidentally picked to win the big silver bowl they play for, got off to a good start blowing a 3 point lead in the 3rd period (only 20 minutes of hockey left) before losing 5 – 4. As bad as Farnsy is I’m pretty sure if you spotted him a three run lead even he wouldn’t blow it.
Also blowing it are the Titans, who if they couldn’t before, can now officially kiss Steve McNair goodbye. After McNair and the Players Association won their grievance against the Titans, so that McNair could be allowed to practice at the Titans facility, the team sent him a letter saying he would have to pass a physical before he could practice with the team. Hey Floyd Reese and Bud Adams, here’s a thought, why don’t you just take the guy who’s been the face of your franchise for the last nine years and punch his wife in the face? I mean, it would pretty much have the same effect.
I don’t want to make this into a whole big thing, and it seems like most sportswriters or ESPN analysts don’t either, but the Packers didn’t bat an eyelash when Favre left them swinging in the breeze all summer long…and McNair said he wanted to play for Tennessee this season!

Random Observations:
What the hell was with the Sopranos on Sunday? My 11year old nephew could've done a better editing job than that.
Bengals wide receiver, Chris Henry, was arrested on Sunday for the third time in 6 months…maybe they should trade him down to Miami with Marcus Vick.
Rafael Nadal, Capri pants and all, is harder to beat than Chinese Algebra.
Any show in which David Hasselhoff is a judge of talent, of any sort, instantly replaces Pepper Dennis as my unintentional comedy go to. Thank you NBC, thank you.
Speaking of Ozzie Canseco, wasn’t it obvious since the guys were identical twins that maybe just maybe this wasn’t a Danny DeVito – Arnold Schwarzenegger scenario where one twin got everything and the other got the left over goop, that Jose was juicing?

Next Week:
With Edmonton goalie Dwayne Roloson done for the playoffs, the Cup comes to Carolina…no one cares.
The US Soccer team begins its march toward a first round exit.
My NBA Finals preview comes down the pipe in a few days. I'll take Miami in 6.


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