Tuesday, March 07, 2006

WBC Preview (No, Seriously)

Knicks, Punchline to Joke No Longer Funny

WBC Preview (No, seriously)

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

NFL Labor negotiations are near dead or at least in a Terri Schiavo like state; with both sides blaming the other, for what is quickly shaping up to be the worst free agent year in history. Teams, badly in need of salary cap relief, were scrambling to cut players, only to be told they had an extra two days and a false sense of hope, not once, but twice. Two weeks ago, when I said the Arizona Cardinals were going to give the NFC West a run for its money, I didn't actually think I could be right. Although, I’m about as surprised at the inability of the League and the Players Union to get a deal done, as I was when Ang Lee won Best Director Sunday night. Speaking of badly kept secrets, LaVar Arrington his officially on his way out of Washington after paying the team $4.4 million to get out of his contract. This whole thing is insane, if a deal doesn’t get done and the Redskins are still over the cap, I’m pretty sure that means they can’t sign anyone. Has anyone given this a second thought? They couldn’t sign any players? That definitely deserves an IM style, “wtf?”
The geniuses in the Florida ticket office of the Yankees posted a sign apologizing to fans wanting to see certain players who are participating in the WBC. Problem is they spelled “Yankees” wrong. Who works for the Yankees and spells “Yankees” wrong? I’m surprised Steinbrenner didn’t stroke out right there. Bud “Second Coming of Kennesaw Mountain Landis” Selig quickly put a stop to the descent ordering the Boss to remove the sign (typo or no typo) and then quickly denied he’d done any such thing.
What's that smell? Either the putrid play of the New York Knicks or the rotten contracts given to the fourteen guys they have that all play the same position. There is seriously no way Isiah Thomas gets to keep his job next season, not even the Knicks front office has stones that big. Friday, after beating the Bulls for three quarters, Stephon “Best Point Guard in the NBA” Marbury and the rest of his stinkmates decided to stop playing, giving up 30 to Scotty Skiles South Side Scorers losing 108 – 101. If that wasn’t enough, Larry Brown’s poor excuse for a headless chicken has lost 22 of 25 games and when the season’s over, they’ll send the number one pick they’re practically assured of to Chicago to complete the trade of Eddy Curry a/k/a the 300 pound bench warmer with a heart murmur. Maybe the Knicks should think about adding Whoppi Goldberg to Brown’s coaching staff, I mean she did turn the team around once before…
There are some of you have requested a little more hockey in your Sportsinbran. To you I say that hockey is only interesting for the seven weeks during the playoffs, which start in April or July or whenever. I will however, say that I had a good laugh when I heard current Maple Leaf’s center Eric Lindros got hurt for the 467th time in his career, stubbing a toe and tearing a ligament in his wrist. Doctors say the wrist will heal, but the accident-prone Lindros has been ordered to stay off his feet to avoid further damage to the toe.

Random Observations:
Lawrence Phillips is getting ready to stand trial for assault for allegedly driving his car into a group of teenagers following an argument at a pick-up football game? It’s totally understandable, I’m sure one his 14 year old blockers missed an assignment.
Think about this for a minute; did you really think Brokeback was going to beat out Crash for Best Picture? One movie about one of Hollywood’s most sacred icons, the Cowboy, doing some pretty un-sacred things…even by Hollywood standards; and another movie written by two Angelenos, about Los Angeles, with more hard luck actors than two seasons of Celebrity Fit Club…no contest.
Bud Selig told the most powerful man in baseball, maybe all of sports what to do; and he listened. Wouldn’t you want to take all kinds of crazy credit for that?
I deserve huge props for finding something alliterative that flows with “Scotty Skiles.”

Next Week:
I hear the boys from Three 6 Mafia, fresh off their Oscar victory for Best Song will be rapping the National Anthems of the two countries in the finals of the World Baseball Classic.
Note sure what’s more frightening, the NFL in limbo or, CBS renewing Ghost Whisperer; which by the way, they’re planning to do.


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