Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Week 6 Recap

Bledsoe Says Romo Trying to Sabotage Him by Throwing TD Pass to TO

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Week 6
RecapBefore we get started with this week’s picks, I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the families of Cory Lidle and his flight instructor, who both perished in a plane crash Wednesday afternoon on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Lidle was a key contributor to the Yankees 9th Straight Division Title and defeat of the Red Sox shortly after he was traded from the Philadelphia Phillies in early August. Thanks for the memories Cory, however short, you will be missed.


So I started out this week by teasing most of the spreads in our Football Pool from 3-to-2.5 points which ended up coming up pretty big since I probably would’ve gone the opposite direction with 3-pointers and ended with like 3 wins. That said, I thought I had a pretty good week until I checked the tally and saw that my buddy Freddy “Biggest Giant Fan Ever” Babbs had a nearly perfect week after the Broncos offense stayed home Sunday night (10-for-12, and 11-for-13 after the Bears decided to only show up for the 4th Quarter of last nights game). As far as I’m concerned, Denver shouldn’t be allowed to play Prime Time games if they insist on continuing any combination of the following: A) scoring less than 24-points, B) letting the Oakland Raiders keep it close against them, C) not covering spreads, and D) generally looking less than impressive in HOME games.
Am I the only one not fooled by Philip Rivers and the Chargers? Okay, so you’ve managed to amass a 4 – 1 record to start the season…good for you…but beating the Raiders, Titans, & 49ers doesn’t impress me. The Chargers are like the girl you think is good looking but turns around to reveal a colony of backfat. Sooner or later the Chargers have to turn around and when they do they’ll be exposed.
Moving on from disgusting things like backfat and the Chargers, two things really pissed me off on Sunday. The first was Little Nicky Saban’s decision to have Olindo Mare kick a field goal instead of going for the TD on 4th & 2 from about the 4 yard line, early in the game. If the Dolphins go for it and get the first or the TD they win and they cover. Instead, Saban has Mare kick the field goal from about 6 yards out and hopes for the best. Hey, Little Nicky, maybe instead of second guessing your players and their need of medical attention or what to get away from you, you should be second guessing yourself. The second thing that had me scratching my head was the play of the New Orleans Saints. I figured they’d be a better team this season, but I had no idea that hiring Baby Orca, signing Drew Brees and drafting Number 5 would have this big an impact on the team’s psyche to the point where they could pull of “upsets” against the Falcons and Eagles. Not only are the Saints looking like a playoff team right now (Drew’s got the touch & Joe is talking in the third person like nobody’s business), but they’re finding ways to win games no one outside of the 504 thinks they’ve got a chance to win. A quick look at their remaining schedule only has about 3 problem games for them too; at Pittsburgh, at Dallas and then at the Giants the second to last week of the season.
Much like the career of Ashton Kutcher, the fortunes of the Washington Redskins have been circling the drain for a while now and the biggest slap in the face a/k/a Waterworld 2; had to be this weekend’s loss to the Tennessee Titans. I was under the impression the Skins didn’t let anyone “into their house,” so you can imagine my surprise when I turned to the game to see everyone’s favorite punching bag of a rookie QB, VY, leading his team downfield against the supposedly superior Redskins. The final score was 25 – 22, but watching the game for even a few minutes you could tell that it wasn’t even that close. All kinds of weird college-type things were happening. The Titans were blocking punts; Young played most of the 4th with a sprained ankle; Travis Henry (you read that right) ran for 178 yards and I’m pretty sure the Stanford band came onto the field. One does have to ask the question if the Skins can’t hold a 14 – 3 lead on the Titans, is there a team out there that will still be worried about playing at FedEx Field?
To say the Bears took the Cardinals lightly going into last nights game would be the understatement of the year; right up there with Donovan McNabb and Peyton Manning are good Quarterbacks or Daniel Snyder is the worst owner in Football (note: this honor could have very easily gone to Bayou Fist Benson, but his team is rolling right now and he hasn’t punched any camera men…yet). I know the Bears won, but they didn’t cover and not only did they not cover but they looked pretty terrible not covering for about 3 Quarters of the game.

Random Observations:
I was so disgusted during last nights Bears-Cardinals game I actually turned to Monday Night Raw…just for a minute, but I did.
Anyone catch Torry Holt’s catch against the Seahawks on Sunday? All I can say is wow. Wow and check it out for yourself.
They’re still playing baseball right? The season’s not over is it?
Around 11:10 last night I was getting ready to write, “well, there’s only 1 unbeaten team left in the NFL…”

Next Week:
Much like the guilty pleasure derived from watching one of Steven Seagal’s movies, I am greatly anticipating next Monday’s Giants-Cowboys game…certainly more so than the stinker NBC is throwing at us with the Seahawks and Vikings.
The Bye Week couldn’t have come at a better time for the following teams: Ravens and Bears. It’s only Tuesday, but I’m already liking: The Colts (no surprise there), Cardinals, Eagles & Patriots.


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