Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bobby Bowden Beatdown Special

Clock Broken in Pittsburgh, Tiger Wins, Can’t Spell

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Bobby Bowden Beatdown Special

Hey kids, guess what happened this weekend? Anyone want to take a stab; not you Ray; at who won the Deutsche Bank Championship on Monday, shooting 8 under on the day? No takers? Yeah, I’m at a loss too. Was it that Phil Nickelson guy (what my mother calls him)? You know, the one with the man boobs, snide look on his face and the wife that’s way out of his league? It wasn’t him? Oh, that’s funny I remember everyone saying he was the best a couple months ago; I haven’t been following that much golf, what happened?
There was some less expected news in the sports world this weekend, Chargers staring Linebacker Steve Foley was shot outside his home three times; apparently in the arm, leg and chest; by an off-duty police officer. Considering the news broke late Sunday night, the story has already changed about 17 times and the hospital isn’t granting access to Foley doesn’t bode well…for anybody involved. Seriously, what is it with NFL players being a magnet for gun violence?
Got to give a special shout out to the Spanish National Team for treating the Greeks like they stole the big pot of paella. I should actually be happy considering I understand Spanish, I like Churros and the Greeks did beat the US; dropping 101 on them in the process. But I’m actually even more upset because even after the US beat the Argentines in the Bronze medal game just knowing that Spain wasted the Greeks worse than Lindsey Lohan at Orchid kinda hurts. Spain’s defense allowed Greece to score an eye-popping 47 points while the mighty Greeks only let their Spanish counterparts score 70.
Florida State and Miami played to a “thrilling” 13 – 10 finish Monday night. The game was offered on 15 of the 20 EPSN channels with tons of camera angels and other goodies to fill the programming void; but it just didn’t do it for me; not when you’ve got the ‘Noles and the Canes, two heavyweights duking it out in the ring. Maybe when Texas Christian plays UAB, fine, give me a defensive showdown but honestly if I wanted to watch 2 teams march up and down the field and not score on each other I’ll just tune into the Jets – Texans game in Week 12.
Now to the task at hand, discussing the NFL news of the week starting with one time (for about a day) Jets running back Lee Suggs being released by the Browns and quickly snapped up by the Dolphins. Under normal circumstances, I’d say the Browns made the right move but Nick Saban scares me a little bit and seems to be able to get a whole lot from his players. Maybe being handed the ball by someone who can rip his head off will give Suggs the motivation he needs.
It’s official, Bill Belichick wakes up every morning, reaches for a bottle marked “Crazy” and downs 3 pills with his morning coffee. After the Patriots basically told their Super Bowl MVP Quarterback, Tom Brady, we don’t care what you think the team gave another SBMVP, Deion Branch, until 4, p.m. Friday to seek a trade with a team that was willing to meet his contract demands. Poor Deion didn’t just find one team, he found two; with the Jets and Seahawks both willing to give him far more than the half-eaten bag of peanuts, Shasta Cola and used Band-aid the Patriots were offering. So what do Bill and the rest of the cold weather addled brain trust do up there? They reject the Jets offer (believed to be a 2nd round pick) and essentially tell Branch to have fun not having any money since the team is also fining him something like $15,000 a day.
I am so excited about the start of the season on Thursday night it’s insane!

Random Observations:
I’m about 95% sure Amelie Mauresmo should be playing on the ATP instead of the WTA, and I’m about 100% sure she could whip that punk Lleyton Hewitt.
The Yankees beat their farm team a/k/a Kansas City Royals last night and gave a few young kids a chance to showcase their talent, hoping for a call up next year.
The hospital food in the Pittsburgh area must be awesome!

Next Week:
Sunday Night Eli learns what it means to be little brother. Colts 38, Giants 13.
I can’t believe I’m writing this…the Mets “Magic Number” should be about 8.


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