Thursday, November 30, 2006

Post Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Parcells Signs Another Discarded Colts Kicker, Idiot to Ask for Job Back

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Post Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Back when Mike Rutherford was with the Mechanics, he used to say that every generation blames the one before, so my main question to start off this installment, is who is Mike Vick planning on blaming for tossing gymnastic, hollow boned aviatrixes towards the Atlanta faithful?
We had a huge weekend for football this weekend, the Yankees pissed away some more money, the Red Sox are still claiming that spending over $75 Million to tie up an untested pitcher for 3 years is justifiable, the New York Post is making outlandish and unsubstantiated claims, and we managed to get through two weeks (count ‘em, 14 straight days) without talking about A-Rod…oh, damn, I screwed up didn’t I?
Seeing as I’ve already written about Thanksgiving a/k/a Tryptophan Day, I thought we touch on Sunday afternoon’s games as well as a much-needed trip out west for the TMQB. It started out small, you know, a trip to Vegas for the TMQB to spend with the family while the turkey was cooked and parental units spent their time question everything done by the Zygotes.
This was a big week for everyone, and you can imagine that for the most part lots of people were feeling their oats, in particular most of the home teams taking the field on Sunday. The Jacksonville Jaguars once again proved they are incapable of playing outside the “friendly” confines of northern Florida, or as I like to call it, the Clannish part of the state; when they went into Buffalo and let the Bills walk all over them. Just a word to David Garrard, if you’re hoping the Jags are going to take a serious look at you as their QB of the future or if you’re hoping another team is going to give up a couple picks to get you, you’ve got to beat J.P. Losman and the Bills…you’ve got (ITAL) to! The Jags went into Orchard Park and managed to keep it close, which is just not good enough when you’re on the road. Jacksonville fell to 1 – 4 on the road and Jags Coach Jack Del Rio was seen outside the stadium attempting to eat himself to death with plate after plate of wings. Meanwhile, while the Jaguars were busily dusting off the silver platter they’re going to give the AFC South Title to the Colts on, Jason Campbell was improving to .500 as a starter and doing his absolute best to make Joe Gibbs look like, if not a genius, than at least Gomer Pyle stumbling upon a MENSA meeting.
The Washington Redskins, who up until now have been like Britney Spears, all flash and no substance; finally seemed to right themselves against the Panthers who have had troubles of their own. Campbell threw for quasi-respectable 118 yards with 2 TD’s and 1 INT. While his number weren’t gaudy or Vince Young-esqe he held his own against a QB was throwing to Steve Smith in the NFC Title Game less than a year ago. Jason and the Redskonauts pulled out a fairly uneventful 17 – 13 victory over the Panthers and helped further dash their playoff hopes as well as conform my belief in their being a streaky team. And while we might not want to count the Panthers out just yet, they sure as hell are in need of a standing 8-count; a loss to the Eagles in Philly (“friendliest city on earth”) and they can kiss their playoff hopes goodbye.
Speaking of kissing playoff hopes goodbye, the Giants did something that’s only been done twice before in the history of the NFL; they blew a 21 point lead with less than 10 minutes to play. The Giants had the Titans beaten in Tennessee on Sunday; something that I’m sure everyone except a few ballsy gamblers and Vince Young’s mama had as a foregone conclusion before kickoff. The only problem was the Titans didn’t buy into the loser mentality and stuck around until the bitter end…and I do mean bitter. With the score tied, Eli “Just you watch, I’m going to be better than my brother some day” Manning tossed up a tater ball into the waiting arms of Tennessee’s football gobbling cornerback, Pac-Man Jones. The rest, as they say, is history. VY drove the supposedly hapless Titans downfield until they were in position for Rob Bironas to kick a 49-yard filed goal to clinch it.

Random Observations:
I hate Tony Romo’s stupid grin almost as much as I hate those new Zales commercials with that Michele Branch song.
Be happy I didn't link you to a picture of Brit's kitty; although honestly it's not all that special.

Next Week:
Can the Colts please clinch the AFC South? Against the Titans, should be a no-brainer, right?
Brady Quinn gets the O'Brien Award, or whatever award they give to the guy who doesn't win the Heisman.


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What happened to this blog? Is it discontinued. A friend turned me onto it and I was enjoying it weekly.

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Never fear anonymous poster, the TMQB is back...perhaps better than ever!

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