Friday, October 12, 2007

Week 6 Preview

At 0 – 5, Dolphins Hitting Their Stride in QB-Heavy Draft Year

Week 6 Preview

Friday, October 12, 2007

The NFL Season is about a third of the way over (scary thought when I put it like that, huh?) and so far we’re acting pretty much the way we did last year going crazy over one game as if there isn’t a single division that isn’t within striking distance. A quick look around the League reveals the Raiders, a .500 team, are in first place in the AFC West; the Steelers are only 1 game up on the Ravens; and the Pats, Colts and Cowboys are the only teams with a 2 (or more) game lead in their respective divisions. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Week 6.

Bengals at Chiefs (+3)
Last season, when Carson Palmer was walking on water and Damon Huard was making everyone forget about Trent Green this was a great game; now it’s a waste of 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon. You don’t know which QB’s are going to show up, the inconsistent one’s from this year or their MVP-numbered counterparts from last season. Still, the Chiefs have looked nothing short of terrible this season.

Texans at Jaguars (-6.5)
The Texans are mildly good this season. Something, I think, that has less to do with the departure of David Carr and more to do with the maturity of the defense. That said, I don’t see Matt Shaub going into
Jacksonville and being able to put up points on that defense; couple that with the perfect (read, “mistake-free”) football played by David Garrard and a great running game and Houston does not escape with a victory.

Dolphins at Browns (-4.5)
The Browns are pretty terrible, but actually played the Patriots tough on the road, which I’m guessing gives their fans false hope. Meanwhile, the Dolphins pooched a golden opportunity to get in the win column by blowing several leads against the Texans. Cleo Lemon is a wildcard though. He was serviceable last season in relief and decent in his one start. If he has a good game, the Fins have a chance…I’ll take them with the points.

Vikings at Bears (-5.5)
That last Bears game was an aberration. They had to come from behind (scoring 20 second half points) and rely on the mistakes of Favre & the Packers in order to walk away with a victory. I’m not sure Griese is the guy you want to hang your hat on to beat another team by 6. Still, the Vikings do stink and Brad Childress is about as effective a coach as Jessica Alba is a comedienne.

Update: DE Erasmus James & RB Chester Taylor got into a locker room fight that apparently re-injured James’s shoulder and put a shiner under Taylor’s eye. James is out, Taylor will play.

Eagles at Jets (+3)
One thing that scares me about this game is that
Philadelphia’s offensive line is easier to penetrate than…there’s no way I can go there and not get myself in trouble…it’s porous. Aside from that, Chad Pennington is probably about 2 INT’s away from spending the remainder of his season on the bench; especially, ya’know, when the guy who can replace you can actually throw the football.

Rams at Ravens (-9.5)
I’m sorry, did I fall asleep and wake up in the Bizarro Universe where Kyle Boller is actually a good QB and Steve McNair isn’t being held together with prayers and duct tape? Don’t get me wrong, McNair is one tough guy, but he always seems to be a gust of wind away from pulling a hammy or straining his groin. Still, the Rams are averaging a measly 14-points per game and the only high priced QB who’s been a bigger disappointment to his team has been Mike Vick. Still, 9.5 points is ridiculous! Especially considering the Ravens seem incapable of scoring touchdowns.

Titans at Bucs (-2.5)
This will be a real test for the Bucs who could do nothing right against a Colts team missing 5 starters, including Marvin Harrison and Bob Sanders. Just imagine the Cowboys trying to play without “the Player” & Roy Williams. The fact that
Tennessee found a way to win (and yes, I know they were playing the Falcons) in spite of Vince Young should have Tampa worried. At least they can look on the bright side and say they’re not the worst team in Florida!

Redskins at Packers (-3.5)
Jason Campbell had the best game of his fledgling pro career last week, and the chilly air at Lambeau should help him some. But the Packers are looking to bounce back after a tough home loss. I don’t see them dropping two straight at home, I just don’t. Not to mention, there’s no way to tell whether Joe Gibbs will remember whether he’s coaching that day or not.

Panthers at Cardinals (-4)
The first time I posted this, I skipped over this game…probably because watching Vinny Testaverde and Kurt Warner fight over a can of Metamucil, isn’t how I pictured spending my Sunday. Cardinals are home and Kurt is slightly younger than Vinny.

Patriots at Cowboys (+6)
A quick look at ESPN’s poll for who will win this game is rather revealing. Out of 32,000 people nationwide, (As of 10:30, a.m. EDT) only 55% of Texans are picking the Cowboys; 92% of people in Massachusetts think the Pats are going to win; but 79% of people in New York are also going with the Pats (as in the same people who watched them pimp-slap the Jets a few weeks ago). The simple explanation is that as much as New Yorkers hate Boston/New England, we hate the South even more. You might have better College Football, but at least we have all our teeth.

Raiders at Chargers (-9.5)
When I went to LA last year to visit my buddy Harvard, we sat in what passes for an Irish Pub out there and I watched the Raiders beat the Chargers for 58 minutes. I’m hoping
Oakland can hang on those extra two minutes this year. I also like Oakland’s defense and think asking Philip Rivers to beat a team, even the Raiders, by 10 is a lot to ask. I just know this one's gonna bit me on the ass...

Saints at Seahawks (-6.5)
The Saints can’t seem to do anything right, and the sheen from last years amazing run to the NFC Championship game has turned a nice rusty orange.
Seattle is a hostile place to play and not where I see New Orleans being able to right their ship.

Giants at Falcons (+3.5)
You can imagine when the NFL braintrust was sitting down to pick this game they were thinking, “Eli Manning meets Michael Vick…this game is gonna be great!” Instead it’s Joey Harrington against—does it really matter? It’s Joey Harrington. Oh yeah, Byron Leftwich’s ankle is messed up…again.


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