Tuesday, January 09, 2007

TMQB Birthday Round Up

Even on Birthday, Contentious Writer Finds Time to Amuse

TMQB Birthday Round Up

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Well another week has passed and I took the show on the road once more; this time so quickly that I didn’t have a chance to post last Thursday’s Playoff Predictions; in which I correctly picked the Colts, Pats, Eagles and Seahawks. Granted, it’s a whole lot easier when the games have already been played but go ahead and ask my bookie (kidding) he’ll tell you I had all the games right.
Speaking of bookies, I was talking to Freddy Beans the other day asking him how he felt about Eli Manning acting like a one-man wrecking crew with the coaching career of Tom Coughlin and the legacy of Tiki Barber. I couldn’t quite make it out over the gurgling and whimpering but I’m pretty sure Beansy said he hopes JR falls to the Giants; if he didn’t say that then I’m putting words in his mouth, but I’m sure he will say that come March.
Big news in sports this Tuesday afternoon has got to be the tubthumping Florida laid on Ohio State last night. I, like everyone else even the most diehard Gator fans, probably thought that if the Gators had any chance at victory it was in a close game, probably decided by their usually inept kicker. I was sure that if the game got out of hand it would have done so in the Buckeyes favor. Instead, Ted Ginn Jr. ran back the opening kickoff 93 yards and then never touched the ball again. The Gators responded, with a healthy kickoff return of their own before Chris Leak drove Florida down the field going 6-for-6 on his opening drive. After that, it was pretty much all Gators. To cap it all off, we got a sprinkling of some crying Buckeye fans, women in red and white still cheering for a score with their team down by 27 with less than 10 minutes to play, and about every cliché FOX commentators could throw at you for Chris Leak finally getting the monkey off his back…see, there I go again. Whether the Buckeyes and the rest of the Big 10 got too much credit and the Florida and the rest of the SEC didn’t get enough, when it was settled on the field, not even all the talk of a 50-day lay off can erase a 41 – 14 trouncing. Then to add insult to injury, Florida defensive end Jarvis Moss (apparently one of about 300 guys named Moss who play football in the state of Florida) comes out and says there are probably “four or five other teams in the SEC that could probably compete” with Ohio State…wow, talk about a pimp slap when you’re already down. But honestly, looking at the way LSU handled Notre Dame does anyone out there think the result would be any different if the Buckeyes had played the Bayou Bengals?
And still the debate rages on; some jackass, I’m looking at you Chris Petersen, gave Boise State a first place vote all because they beat Oklahoma and finished the season undefeated. I’ve got news for you, outside of Oregon State (who didn’t really have a good season) Boise State didn’t beat anyone of note. A quick look at their schedule shows wins over football juggernauts the likes of: Sacramento State, Louisiana Tech, New Mexico State, Idaho, San Jose State, Utah State and Nevada. Now, I’m no BCS expert, but I’m pretty comfortable having OSU, LSU & USC all ranked ahead of Boise State even though the Blue Mustangs, or whatever the hell they call themselves, are undefeated. Seems to me that the only way we put a stop to this foolishness, once and for all, is to have a playoff. Having a 10 or an 8-team Playoff will settle the debate. If you’re good enough to make it into the BCS Top Ten and play away games at the higher seeded teams home field through the first two rounds until the Semi-Finals, then no one can say anything about how tough, or otherwise, of a schedule you played during the regular season. In a playoff, Boise State would have traveled to Norman for their opening round game against the Sooners and I’m just guessing the outcome would’ve been a little different.
Switching gears to the pro game for a moment, we should point out that Falcons owner Arthur Blank seems to not like his money very much, seeing as that’s the only reason he gave $24 Million Dollars to former Louisville Coach Bobby Petrino. Petrino joins the long list of disingenuous coaches who sign for big money one place, say all the right things, glad-hand the right people, and then leave the moment the “right fit” (read bigger money) comes along. The bottom line in Atlanta is that the only coach able to at least do something with Michael Vick was Dan Reeves and rather than try to coax him out of retirement, or go after one of the myriad of deserving assistant coaches out there, Russ Grimm, Ken Whisenhunt, Jim Caldwell, Mike Singletry and Ron Rivera among them, Blank throws more money at yet another college coach. Over the past few seasons, college coaches have had more success getting a free Meatloaf sandwich at Arby’s than getting victories in the NFL. Pete Carroll, Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban all had less than pleasant pro experiences and all found themselves back in college before too long. That’s why my advice to Wayne Huizenga is to leave Pete Carroll right where he is in LA and get a coach who can actually help you win games. Carroll has already shown he’s ill equipped for dealing with the egos and demands of pro players, not to mention attempting to face an off-season that in many respects is tougher than the regular season. In all likelihood Big Wayne will throw a bunch of money Pete’s way and if Pete is smart enough he’ll leave that money in Miami and keep trying to win National Championships with USC. There are a couple other coaching vacancies, and none more attractive than the Pittsburgh Steelers job. The problem there is the Rooney family doesn’t appear too interested in rocking the boat or making any large sudden movements. As a result, I’d be very surprised if the aforementioned Grimm or Whisenhunt didn’t end up as the new coach of that team. With the Steelers taken care of that leaves the Arizona Cardinals and Oakland Raiders jobs…the kind of jobs you’d rather clean up whale vomit than take. The Cardinals, must be cursed because if Dennis Green and all of his experience with the talent they had on that team couldn’t win, I’m not sure any coach can. Oakland the other hand is a complete shitshow; Al Davis is running around with his walker threatening to rough up writers, no one on the team seems to want to be there very much and Art Shell was canned again, this time after only one season. If Davis were younger I’d be hoping for some Billy Martin-style theatrics from the Raiders but this team is in complete disarray and you probably couldn’t even get Mike Tice to take this job.

Random Observations:
It’s Tuesday afternoon and Tom Coughlin is still the Giants Head Coach. Anyone else see something wrong with this?
If I were Norm Chow, I’d bide my time in Tennessee. Being an assistant coach in Tennessee and getting to coach Vince Young is preferable to being Head Coach in Arizona, no matter if Matt Leinart gets thrown in the deal or not.
Drafting Brady Quinn will probably set the Raiders back another 6 years…you know Al likes those kind of odds.

Next Week:
Another college coach will become the soon-to-be-ex coach of the Cardinals.
I know it’s only January, but pitchers and catchers have to report soon.
Al Davis asks John Madden to think about returning to the team.


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baseball season starts in 81 days. pitchers and catchers report in 41. first game of spring training for the mets is in 50 days. just thought you should know.

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