Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Saban Already Planning to Leave Alabama for Even More Money

Saban Already Planning to Leave Alabama Even More Money

TMQB New Year Kick-Off Special

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

I hate the fact that it seems like I do this too often, but before we get started, I’d like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the family of Darrent Williams and the entire Denver Broncos Organization. The 24-year old cornerback was shot and killed during a drive-by shooting after leaving a New Year’s Eve Party. As much fun as make of Broncos coach Mike Shanahan for his mannerisms on the sidelines; no team, whether making it to the playoffs or not, should have to start the New Year losing a teammate like this.

Staying with the NFL, the season wrapped up this weekend and it wasn’t until the very same Broncos lost to the San Francisco 49ers late Sunday afternoon that the Playoff picture came completely into focus. Denver’s loss, coupled with the losses of Tennessee to New England and Cincinnati to Pittsburgh sent Kansas City backing their way into the 6th and final playoff spot; just don’t tell that to Herman Edwards. Herm’s old team, the New York Jets, are also back in the Playoffs in their first season with Dennis the Menace at the helm, but figure to be one and done against the Patriots. All this playoff chatter is distracting though, seeing as I’m saving my Playoff Special for tomorrow.
The Cardinals and Falcons both lost (each by 7-points) and the teams coaches each got great New Year’s gifts in the form of pink slips. Both firing are somewhat surprising, Cardinals Coach, Dennis Green, was originally given a vote of confidence but the Cardinals lost many close games and blew leads which doesn’t endear any coach to his employers. On the other side, Jim Mora’s spouting off at the mouth about a job he’d like to have probably did him in; that and the 3-game losing streak Atlanta went on to close out the season. Had the Falcons finished 9 – 7 (winning only two of their last three games) they’d be in the Playoffs while the Giants would be sitting at home and Tom Coughlin would probably be the one collecting Coaching Severance in the form of a multi-million Dollar buy-out. Don’t sleep on Coughlin for too long though, I’d estimate the Giants need to win two games in the Playoffs in order for him to be standing on the Giants sideline come next September. Making the Playoffs is a great feat but when you have to do it backing in, after losing 6 of your last 8 games it doesn’t instill a great deal of confidence in ownership.
Other coaches who could be on the chopping block are rumored to be Raiders and Browns Coaches, Art Shell and Romeo Crennel, respectively. Crennel’s job appears to be safe after he met with management to discuss things that need changing and then in an interesting twist, Brady Quinn (who should be keeping his mouth shut and preparing to get his ass handed to him by LSU) came out and said he’d like to play for the Browns next season. I’m thinking Brady can help the Browns get him by throwing about 4 interceptions during the Sugar Bowl or convincing the Raiders, Lions and possibly Bucs to all trade their picks or refusing to play for them ala Elway and Eli. Just one note to the Browns who I have no doubt would bet the farm on hometown Brady…see Eli Manning and 2 – 6 record of Giants over second half of 2006 Season.
Speaking of teams that appear to be in a tailspin and are going to be hamstrung, Wayne Huizenga sounds like a man who know the end is near and Nick Saban sounds like a man about to leave the Miami Dolphins holding their figs out in the cold. Saban, who only took the job last year and has obvious opportunities to grow the franchise seems like so much of a lock to be coaching in Alabama next college football season that I’m saying right here and now (at 1:50, a.m. EST) that Nick Saban will be the next Head Football Coach at the University of Alabama. I suppose the reported $40 Million Dollars they are waving in his face would be hard to turn down, but what about the owners of the 32 teams in the NFL, none of whom would ever give you another shot at coaching in the pros again? For me, I’d rather coach at the highest level and last time I checked, players left college and went to the NFL, not the other way around. Losing Saban after two seasons would absolutely screw the Dolphins who appear to be a healthy QB away from making a run at the AFC East title.

Next Week:
Shawne Merriman better pack his needles (for extracting DNA from fossilized mosquitoes, of course) when he and the Chargers head to the stadium to play the Patriots.

Random Observations:
Is it me, or does FOX have the absolute worst commentary and play-by-play for college football in the business? Honestly, watching the end of the Orange Bowl was like amateur hour.
Absolutely crazy finish in the Fiesta Bowl on Monday night. With the 22-points scored in 90 seconds, the two trick plays, the brass ones to go for 2 on in the first OT, throwing the game ball that should be in a trophy case into the stands and then proposing to your head-cheerleader girlfriend when it’s all said and done.


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